Sometimes, wifi calling can be a nuisance when unknown people find your availability on the app depending on your location. Due to many reasons, many of us want to know how to turn off wifi calling or block the option of making calls via wifi. The procedures that follow will show you the most convenient way of turning off wifi calling.

Wifi calling has many definitions and one of the easiest ways to define wifi calling is, the ability to make a call using wifi, instead of a mobile carrier. It has been existed since many years and wifi calling is one of the most popular ways of communicating in the present days. There are many apps that are compatible in iOS and Android. Skype is one of the oldest performers in this arena and it has opened platforms to many other app developers to enable wifi calling in their communication apps.

How to turn off wifi calling Samsung?   

how to turn off wifi calling
Step 1
how to turn off wifi calling s8
Step 2
how to turn off wifi calling notification
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Samsung is powered by Android operating system and it has its own way of turning off wifi calling. The below steps will show you how to turn off wifi calling s8. First you press the ‘Phone’ icon on the display screen and go to its settings. It will direct you to Call Settings and you will find a tilt of choices. There is an option to turn on or off wifi calling and you can select ‘off’ as your option and you are done! The same procedure is applicable to S8 and S8+.

How to turn off wifi calling notification?

Notifications in general can be an annoyance to many of us as the phone keeps beeping every now and then. It is good to know that our smart phones have the option of turning off wifi calling notification. To know how to turn off wifi calling notification, you will have to go through the below instructions.

  • Swipe down from the top of the phone screen to display the Notification Shade;
  • Press the Settings icon;
  • Scroll down and press Notifications;
  • Find the Advanced button and press it;
  • Tap on a slider for the conforming app or feature to either enable or disable notifications;
  • If available for the app or feature, tap on More in the top right corner of the Advanced notifications settings screen;
  • Tap on Show system apps;
  • Tap on a system app from the list;
  • If available, you can manage the individual notification settings for an app or feature.

Even though wifi calling is one of the most convenient ways to communicate since Skype’s era, some apps do not have very strict privacy settings. Hence, it allows the user to be shown available regardless of being on their contact or not. These are some of the reasons why we seek to turn off wifi calling.

As a smart phone user, it is always good to know how to operate your device properly without making it a nuisance to you. Learning how to turn off wifi calling android and how to turn off wifi calling notification are some of the main concerns of wifi calls. All in all, it is always better to make the mobile device you are using work according to your convenience rather than letting it annoy you by countless notifications popping up on the screen.

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