How to soften brown sugar that has gone hard in a jiffy? -Tips and tricks

Learn how to soften brown sugar that has gone hard in a jiffy

Consuming brown sugar instead of white sugar is relatively healthier. But if you keep brown sugar in a container and do not use it for some time, it can go hard. What do you do when you take out the brown sugar container, and it is a rock-hard brick? Can you imagine making plans to bake cookies, only to find out that the brown sugar that you had at the back of your cupboard has turned into a rock? It is not possible to reverse certain things in life, but you can definitely re-soften brown sugar. If you have a couple of days to spare, you can place a slice of bread or apple slices on top of the sugar and seal it for a couple of days. This will work only if you have time. But if you want to learn how to soften brown sugar fast, then here are some methods you can use. 

How does brown sugar harden? 

Molasses in brown sugar are not a big fan or air. When you keep brown sugar without using it for a long time, the elements in the kitchen affect it. What happens when molasses expose themselves to air is they evaporate. It takes the moisture in the brown sugar out, turning it to sand-like texture, and then rock-had brick. 

How can you prevent brown sugar from hardening? 

You can save some hours and prevent brown sugar from hardening. When you purchase brown sugar, make sure to use an air-tight container to store it. Squeeze all the air out and place a slice of bread at the bottom. Do not worry about the bread because it will not mold. Bread will add just enough moisture to keep molasses in the brown sugar happy. 

How to soften hard brown sugar by microwaving? 

When you plan on baking, only to find out your brown sugar has turned into a rock, it can actually evaporate all your baking plans and take the fun out of it. But do not fret about rock-hard brown sugar. You can easily handle the situation if you have a microwave. Put the brown sugar in a microwavable bowl or container. Afterward, place a moist paper towel on top and cover the sugar. Place it in the microwave and switch it on up for about 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, break the sugar into pieces using a fork, and if you think it is still not softened enough, you can put it back in the microwave for another 20 seconds.

how to soften hard brown sugar
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Keep breaking the sugar into pieces as you go, until the sugar is softened completely. Once you have softened the brown sugar, you can keep it that way by using an air-tight container and sealing it properly. 

How to soften brown sugar quickly with a moist ingredient?

The best thing to do when you plan on baking is to check your pantry a day before. When you do that, you save the last-minute hassles and trouble for another day. It is always essential to have the foresight to see your baking ingredients early. If you find out that your brown sugar has become a brown rock in the container, you can immediately fix it by using a moist ingredient to transfer some moisture into the sugar. The reason why sugar turns into a rock is that it loses all its moisture when exposed to air. Therefore, what you can do is place some marshmallows, some apple slices, or a slice of bread and seal the rock-hard sugar in an air-tight container. In a few hours, the sugar will gain back its moisture from the moist ingredient you have used.  

Final thoughts: How to quickly soften brown sugar when it has turned into a rock? 

When you purchase groceries like brown sugar, it is vital to have some information about storing them properly. The bottom line is, if you store brown sugar properly, you can save the trouble keep the brown sugar moist. The crucial thing is to store it properly under the correct temperature. If you do so, the sugar will remain moist without turning into a rock. But just in case it does turn into a stone, you can use the methods above and re-soften your brown sugar.

But once you re-soften it, you have to store the remaining brown sugar in an air-tight container to stop it from forming into a rock again. 

You can learn how to soften brown sugar and keep it that way by using the right container and place for it. After all, it is a pain to see the brown sugar turned into a rock-hard brick when you happily come into the kitchen to bake some cookies. 

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