How to get water out of your ear safely, without causing harm?

How to get water out of your ear safely, without causing harm?

Water getting into the ear canal can cause a bit of irritation. It gives a tickling sensation in your ear when water gets stuck inside. If water goes way inside the ear canal, the irritation may go up to the throat, and you might not hear from that ear until you take the water out. The most common cause of getting water inside your ear is swimming. Usually, the water drains out by itself, but if it doesn’t, it might lead to an ear infection. Here is how to get water out of your ear when nothing else works out.

Methods of how to get water out of your ear

When there is water stuck in your ear canal, do not rush for advanced and harsh solutions. You better to start with the simplest method, and if that does not work, go for the next alternative. The following are some of the ways you can try at home.

Jiggling the earlobe 

This is the simplest way to get water out of your ear. Jiggling your earlobe will most likely to drain all of the water out. You have to tilt your head downwards while tugging and jiggling your earlobe. You can shake your head while doing so, and you can let the water come out of the ear canal when you keep jiggling.

Lying down on the side 

How to get water out of your ear that won’t come out? If you cannot jiggle your earlobe and get the water out of your ear, you can lie down on your side while using a towel on your head to drain the water. When you lie on your side with the ear with water facing downwards, gravity slowly pulls the water out. Keeping a towel on the side of your head absorbs the water that comes out.

Vacuuming the ear  

You can create a vacuum from your palm and pull the water out of your ear. First, you have to tilt your head and place your cupped palm on your ear, creating a seal. Gently push the hand back and forth. The air pressure that the vacuum creates can push the water out. Keep doing it in a rapid motion until all the water comes out.

Blow-drying the ear 

If you have a blow dryer with you, you can use it to get rid of the water stuck inside your ear canal. But when you are using a blow dryer on your ear, you have to be watchful not to overheat your skin. Therefore, when using a blow-dryer to drain the water in your ear, set the dryer to the lowest setting. Hold it at least one foot away from the ear and move it back and forth until the water evaporates.

How to get water out of your ear hydrogen peroxide?

People use hydrogen peroxide to clear earwax and debris from the ear. You can purchase these as eardrops that have urea and hydrogen peroxide. It can unclog your ears comfortably. If you have an outer ear infection, a perforated eardrum, and eardrum tube, you cannot use this method to drain the water out of your ears.

More water 

As confusing as it sounds, using more water can drain and unclog your ear canal. Lie on your side and fill the affected ear with water. Wait for a few seconds and turn over with the affected ear downwards, and all the water should drain out. Most of the time, you feel the ear unclogging when you fill it with water.

Alcohol and vinegar eardrops 

You can make a solution with alcohol and vinegar using equal parts. Get a sterile dropper and drop a few drops into the ear canal. Wait for a few seconds. Then tilt your head until the entire solution drains out. You should not use alcohol and vinegar eardrops if you have an outer ear infection, a perforated eardrum, or an eardrum tube.

What shouldn’t you do if you have water in your ear canal? 

If you want to know how to get water out of your ear after swimming, go through the methods mentioned above. But you should not poke your finger in, or dig any object inside when nothing works out. If you still cannot drain the water out, you should probably go to a doctor or get over-the-counter medication. Inserting objects and digging the ear can lead to an infection you do not want to face.

The Bottom line: 

It is possible for water to get into your ear canal. Even though you can be careful, these incidents may take place. But it is not something to worry about. There are enough ways to get water out of your ear without causing any harm to your ear. You can try any of the ways as above, learn how to get water out of your ear, and unclog it!

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