How to disable laptop keyboard?-The most practical tech guide

Laptops are technological devices that help its users to experience everything a desktop computer does, while being able to take the device wherever they go. The internal structures become more and more sophisticated with the development of new laptops. Therefore, it is important to know what to do in a crisis, including how to disable laptop keyboard.

We all tend to move to the technical side when the world evolves towards technology every passing day. In the field of technology, various sorts of laptops and desktop computers are accessible and more species are being developed every year. Every laptop model has its own inbuilt hardwired process due to its unique expertise. The basic idea of a laptop is to provide the consumer the ability to work anywhere in the world without having to carry all the main peripherals around.

We are regular consumers of technology and laptop usage is one of the most demanded and most prominent ways of using technology. Since it is an era of laptops, the know-how in handling a laptop during crisis is of utter importance. For instance, if something spills on the laptop keyboard, or if any liquid comes in contact with the keyboard, it is best that you disable the keyboard and use an externally powered keyboard through USB port.

In that way, you can work on your laptop without missing out on your daily work schedules and fix your keyboard in time. It is vital to know how to disable laptop keyboard during a crisis situation and find a fix by attaching a separate keyboard. Laptops have a few ways of disabling keyboards depending on the kind of laptop you are using.

how to disable laptop keyboard

Before unveiling how to disable laptop keyboard let us see how laptop keyboards are hardwired!

A laptop is not like a regular desktop computer. It is consisted of a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse all on one plate. As it is the case with regular desktop computers, it is not possible to disconnect or disable a peripheral in a laptop because all of them are connected and hardwired into the laptop in order to make it a portable means of technology.

In case of an emergency, it is best to connect an external keyboard and disable the in-built keyboard because replacing the whole keyboard can be very costly. Before starting the disabling process of a laptop keyboard, it is important to plug in an external keyboard to make sure it functions. 

Solutions from Tom’s Guide

It suggests a process starting from the laptop start menu. You can type in “device manager” and locate the device manager once it pops up. In order to disable the keyboard, tap on the ‘+’ sign to get the drop-down list, and once that is done, usually a restart is required. Another demanded way from Tom’s Guide is to install a third party device manager from CNET. It is vital that creation of restoring a save point on Windows, Linux, or Macintosh takes place in order to avoid mishaps.

Another way as to how to disable a laptop keyboard is by employing a discordant driver. The process goes by opening Device Manager and clicking on “Update Driver.” When asked to “check online or use existing drivers,” choose “existing drivers only.” You can then select incompatible drivers and restart the laptop. When you want to enable the laptop again, you can use a compatible driver and restart the laptop.

how to disable laptop keyboard

How to disable laptop keyboard Windows 10

Windows 10 laptop is one of the most exiting inventions in the Windows market because of its external and internal structures. The main system information are easily accessible such as memory configuration and Windows edition. Because of its innovative structure, apart from following the procedure through the device manager, there are extra precautions to be taken to notice.

By updating the device manager, one can permanently disable the laptop’s keyboard with an externally operated driver. You can go through the process via device manager, but before starting any of the steps, it is important to connect a USB powered keyboard to ensure it works. However, there are a few extra steps to take in order to keep the keyboard disabled after restarting.

Group Policy Editor is the only way to disable a Windows 10 keyboard and stop it from re-installing every time the laptop starts. It is important to know how to disable laptop keyboard in Windows 10, as a user of the laptop because it has several processes to follow. You first press Windows key and ‘R’ together and type “gpedit.msc” and let it run. You then steer to “Administrative Templates” and select “System.” After that you have to click on “Device Installation” and follow it up by “Device Installation Restrictions.”

From the options you receive, right-click on “Prevent Installation of devices not described by other policy settings” and click “Edit.” Apply the “Enabled” option to close Local Group Policy Editor. Afterward, you can press Windows key and “X” together to get a drop down, out of which you have to select Device Manager. You can select “Keyboards” and right-click on Standard PS/ 2 Keyboard and opt for “Uninstall device.” The last step is self-explanatory. You uninstall and you’re done!

how to disable laptop keyboard

The basic idea of disabling a laptop keyboard is to lock the in-built keyboard which is hardwired to the laptop, and use a separate keyboard. It is important to always ensure that the external peripheral (keyboard) is plugged in and is functional before you start the route of disabling the laptop keyboard. If you do not plug in an external keyboard before starting the process, you will not be able to work on the laptop once the in-built keyboard is locked because the laptop will be missing one of the main peripherals.

Knowing how to disable laptop keyboard will always come in handy because laptops are devices that can be taken anywhere in the world and anything can spill on the keyboard at any time. Once the procedure starts you will not be able to work on the laptop unless a separate peripheral is attached. You are good to go after your external device is active.

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