A super-duper measuring time: how long is the Great Wall of China?

This is one of the greatest sights on Earth – The longest wall on Earth – An owe inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. A winding path over a rugged country and steep mountains takes in some great scenery. The Chinese name for this magnificent piece of Asian tradition is ‘Changcheng’/ (channg – chnng) while we refer this humongous creation as The Great Wall of China, fair right because this is great as it sounds. When studying about the hidden history of this wall there will be a dozen questions flooded in the mind and will simply overload where you have no option but to write them down on a piece of paper and start figuring out where to begin first. You must be curious about the exact length of this mega structure but we need more time to find the answer for, ‘ How long is the Great Wall of China?’

When we were at school, learning Asian history, we were physically in the class room but our minds were no longer in our country but in China, the ancient days, the time when whoever the great emperor was building this wall, watching the constructing process right before our eyes. And, suddenly float back to our seats in class when the teacher calls our names and start asking questions where we would just stare at her with emptiness. She began with this, ‘How long is the Great Wall of China?’

how long is the great wall of china in miles

We were blank back then, without knowing the answer. That was embarrassing, totally embarrassing. So, we decided that we will not let you experience the same situation. Let us find answers for this question together.

First, we will have to learn a little about the wall like, who build it, why was it built, the specific location, the history, the cool facts behind the scene and other important stuff.

The journey begins now!

A  quick introduction before looking at how long is the Great Wall of China?   

1. Who built the Great Wall of China?

It was during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi huang who was an heir of Qin dynasty that the kingdom of Qin united the country into one empire by joining all the walls. The construction process continued for many centuries throughout many dynasties.

The labour force to build this includes workers, soldiers, forcibly recruited peasants, slaves and war prisoners.

2. How long did it take to build the wall?  

The wall was built over many years. According to the legends of the ancient China, the original great wall was built just in 20 years. The great wall that we see today was actually built during the Ming Dynasty, which took over 200 years to complete.

3. Why was the Great Wall of China build?

The wall was initially constructed in order to protect from enemies and invaders from North, especially the Mongols. The wall also kept Chinese citizens from leaving the country. All the walls were built for the purpose of military defence, and the Great Wall was no exception.

4. Extention?

It extends from the Shanghai pass at the seaside in the Hebei province in the east to the Jiayu pass in the Gansu province in the west. This stretches across 15 provinces in China.

how long is the great wall of china?

How long is the Great Wall of China?

Since this is the longest man made defensive system in the entire world which is even visible to the outer space, how many people might have being anticipating for answers about the specific length, it is really tough even for the Chinese to provide answers because there were about 20 dynasties taking part in the construction process over many centuries. The Great Wall had extended to remote deserts, mountains and grass lands over China. These have made the investigation of the exact length of the Great Wall is never an easy task.

In China, the wall is also called as Wan Li Cheng, literally that is ten thousand in li wall, which is approximately 5000 kilometres. But yet the term Wan Li Chang Cheng is depth with the meaning “endless wall” in the Chinese Language.

so, how long exactly is this? The official length of all the portions of the wall unearthed until (2012) with the work of all the dynasties is 21,196.18 km. And all these are a result of the survey conducted for a continuous five duration by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage section. The archaeologist was very careful and had set out to measure every trace of the wall and also found previously undiscovered sections of the wall and the discovered amount is 20000 km.

Now the length is 21,196.18 km! It is almost half the length of the equator around Earth and furthermore, this is longer than the distance from the North Pole to the South Pole. The shape of this structure is extraordinary, it is like a huge dragon spanning over the land of the Chinese from east to west.

It spans in 15 provinces and among them Shaaani xi province has the most portions of the remains and the wall within its boundaries is up to 1838 km whereas the portion in Beijing is just 550 km.

When investigating the records and the modern measurements, the length of this during the Ming dynasty were almost 8854.8 km; in the reign of Qin were 10,000 km and later developed up to 210,000 km.

What is the length of the Great Wall of China in miles? 

The total length of this massive piece of architecture built in different dynasties is 13,170.70 miles as announced by the State Administration of Culture Relics of China in 2012. And the average height of the wall is around is 20 to 23 feet.

Since this is actually way to long, winding its way along exceeding 5000 miles needs a little way of introduction. It is long, extraordinarily long – it will take almost around 18 months to walk the complete distance. The easiest way to walk is Muntianyu because it is completely restored. And you will have to climb over 30 million steps to climb the whole section of this incredible great wall.

Wrapping Up…

Due to human and as well as natural activities, the wall is getting shorter and shorter. In some parts of the wall, the walls are already ruined in unrecognized particles. It is our duty to protect the wall and enhance awareness of the protection measures. People must stop taking bricks from this archaeologically valued heritage for their private reasons.

We must treasure this culture, relic and tradition in order to make sure that the next generations inherit them too. We need to appreciate the ancestors of real human architecture. We hope you understood all what you needed to know about this ancient heritage.

Finally; we assume that we were able to give you the precise answer for the question, how long is the Great Wall of China in detail.  

Thank you for continuing with us to be a part of this adventure through history!

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