How long does it take to charge a Tesla using different chargers?

How long does it take to charge a Tesla using different chargers?

Tesla electric cars have become one of the best electric automobiles in the world. Even though there is a tight competition, Tesla still manages to fit into a broader market with its features and models. When it comes to electric cars, charging time and battery life is of utter importance. Tesla still continues to lead the EV market with meeting consumer demands with each upcoming model. How long does it take to charge a Tesla? Can I use a model 2 charger for my model 3? – These are the questions that arise in people’s hearts when they want to buy a Tesla. Here, we are going to dig deep into charging this magnificent electric vehicle.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla with various chargers? 

The Model S in Tesla comes with several models and battery sizes. The Long Range Model S is the longest electric range in the market. You can charge this model with a variety of EV chargers. Moreover; you can charge an electric vehicle with a 240V Level 2 charge or 120V Level 1 charger. You can plug a standard Level 1 charger to your 120V outlet in the garage. While it is possible to charge your Tesla with a Level 1 charger, it is the least efficient way to charge your Tesla. A Level 2 charging station charges the car roughly six times faster with 240V.

At-home Tesla charging stations are the most convenient stations to charge your Tesla. How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model 3? – A common question that a lot of Model 3 owners ask. Tesla electric cars come in different battery sizes ranging from 50kWh to 100kWh.

How long does it take for a Tesla to charge at home? 

The amount of time it takes for a Tesla to charge depends on the model of the car and the charging station you use. Tesla takes approximately 6 to 12 hours to charge. Between 20% and 80% of full charge takes place in the sweet spot of the battery, which is the quickest charging time. On a 220V system, most Tesla cars charge up to 80%. But the remaining takes two hours to charge (80% to 100%).

How long does it take to fully charge a Tesla? 

How would you know that your Tesla’s battery is at 100%? The system diagnostics in your Tesla comes with information regarding your battery life as well. While your Tesla is still charging, it can show you how much battery power is needed for you to get home, how charged the battery is, and how long it will take to charge the car fully. Because of these features, electric cars are demandingly taking over gas cars.

How long does it take a Tesla to charge with a supercharger? 

Tesla has introduced superchargers that can surpass almost any other electric car charger in the market. For instance, model 3 in Tesla can take up to 75 miles of charge in nearly 5 minutes. With superchargers, it can charge as fast as 1,000 miles per hour. There is a new feature in Model 3 that warms the battery up when nearing a supercharger, allowing the driver to save charging time.

tesla charging stations
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Charging process in Tesla

Just like any lithium-ion battery, Tesla’s electric car battery charging process occurs like this. When charged electrons move from non-charged, to charge, that is, from cathode to anode, the process completes. In simpler words, when all the ions go from cathode to anode charge, your Tesla is wholly charged. Likewise, when the ions go back to the cathode charge state, the Tesla electric car battery is completely exhausted. With time, when you keep using the car while re-charging every time the battery depletes, a strain starts taking place in your battery’s capacity. In other words, when cathode and anode modes go back and forth, there comes pressure on the capacity. Tesla electric car batteries are powerful and supposed to be doing precisely the same thing. But with time, the battery reaches a point to limit the stress it can take back and forth.

Wrapping up: How long does it take for charging a Tesla completely? 

Tesla is one of the leading electric cars in the world today. Electric vehicles are taking over the automobile industry by the day. The convenience and greenhouse effect plays a massive role in making them so popular. But if you have an electric car, you should always monitor the battery power. Well, if you have a gas car, you always look at the tank. It is similar to electric vehicles as well. You just have to be mindful of how much battery life the car has and use the appropriate charger for your Tesla. How long does it take to charge a Tesla? That depends on the model and the charger you are using.

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