Are you selling a car in California? Read this for a cakewalk.

Selling a car in California as in any other place has certain rules and laws that need to be followed, and that involves a lot of red tape hurdles. So to avoid these, let’s follow the set path about how to sell a car in California privately.

Get the official DMV transfer forms because any change in the ownership of a car is considered a Transfer by the DMV, so all its rules have to be satisfied. Given below is the list of the procedure telling you how to sell a used car in California There are certain forms that are needed to certify transfers and one has to submit copies of these forms duly filled in and signed, in order to legalize the transfer of ownership.

(1)  California Application for Duplicate Title Form REG 227: This form can be downloaded and used. If you have your original title, then this form is not needed.

(2) Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form REG 262: As this form is printed on special security paper, one is required to request The DMV telephonically for a copy of the form to be mailed to your postal address.

(3)  A Bill of Sale REG 135 (PDF) form or a Power of Attorney REG 260 (PDF) form: It is to be submitted if In case you want, the odometer reading of the car is not disclosed. But it is advised that you need not hide anything from the buyer. The odometer reading is important so that the buyer knows about how much the car has traveled. Hiding this information or tampering with the odometer is a criminal offense. Disclosing the odometer reading is not required in cars that are more than ten years.

(4)  Smog certification: this has to be got from a STAR smog test station and is valid for 90 days only after which you have to get your car retested. The following cars are exempted from this certification

•    “Hybrid” cars

•    Cars less than four years old

•    Diesel Cars

•    D.Electronic Cars.

•    Cars that run on natural gas

•    F.Cars made before 1975.

   (5) Get a Statement of Facts Form REG 256: If you are selling your car to a family member

•    Have your car inspected by a licensed technician before selling it: Keep all documentation from the inspection to avoid any discrepancies. Though this is in the buyer’s interest, it has become the popular practice that the seller does all this to play safe.

A few more taxes or charges may be required to be paid, but many rules are flexible; they may also be shared between the seller and the buyer.

Going through the rules on how to sell a car on craigslist in California can help in solving our problem regarding how to sell a car privately in California because when we put our car or any item on Craiglist, we get buyers coming up in large numbers.

If your car is under a lien, how to sell a car in California with a loan is what you have to know about, and this is where you will need a lien holder’s release notarized.

All the forms should be submitted to an associate at the DMV, and he will register your transfer request in the official records.

Inform the DMV about the transfer of the car. This has to be done within five days. The requirements for this are the new owner’s name and address, the car’s license plate number, the last five digits of the VIN.

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